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We are a maritime and logistics professional with over ten years experience in customs cargo clearance procedures. We have worked with several international trading companies and for numerous Blue cheap importing firms. During this period, we have developed business contacts within the Nigeria Customs, shipping companies, haulage contractors and other relevant stakeholder in maritime sector. We have great competence to accelerate your customs cargo clearance process with a view to: Reduce your clearing cost, time and demurrage cost. Work in close liaison with your import documentation staffers to perfect import Documentation before arrival of your cargo. Provide you with constant and timely information on statutory import document regulation to enable you plan and forecast with efficiency. Read More
Door to Door / Door to Warehouse
This product is designed to enable you concentrate on the core competence of your business while allowing HEEDBERN SHIPPING NIG. LTD to handle all your cargo movement from point of export to destination warehouse / sight in Nigeria.

Our activities will commence once you notify us of an impending order/shipment by way of sending us a pro-forma invoice either for import or export cargo received from your counterpart...
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Quay to Door
This product is designed to enable our client achieve a 'just-in-time' import logistics. The spin-off is enabled by the introduction of 48 hours customs cargoes clearing at the ports with the advent of Government policies such as 'Fast- track-Clearing' and

'Pre-release clearing'. The beauty of this product is that it obviates delays and bottle necks associated with your consignment being moved to another satellite terminal...
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Port to Door
This product is designed to customs clear cargoes that have already arrived at the Nigeria ports and left on cleared before engaging our services.Most importers are not able to agglomerate necessary import guideline related documents before the arrival of their cargoes.

This is compounded by the Government destination inspection policy stipulating that Bill of lading date should not be earlier than the date of submission and approval of accompanying Form "M".
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Our Routes

Lagos - Port Harcourt
Lagos - Calabar
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